Maryland COVID Crisis Challenges State’s Resilience

Facing rising COVID infections, Maryland is focusing on local solutions to an urgent crisis.

Disability Integration 2.0 – A Seat at the Corporate Table

Executives who are serious about addressing disability-related inequities should start by re-evaluating their existing organizational chart and taking an innovative step by creating a new position: Senior Vice President, Disability Integration.

SAFETY Act Primers in Podcasts

Straightforward discussions on liability protection for anti-terrorism technologies and services.

Quieting the Noise: A Simple Guide on How to Address Emerging Threats

With an endless list of attack scenarios, venue operators must thoughtfully consider mitigation strategies to address the persistent threats from bad actors.

New Study Explores Energy Security in Nevada

A recently released whitepaper, prepared by the National Security Forum (NSF) of Northern Nevada, explores the national security implications of advanced energy generation and distribution.

Vance Taylor FEMA PrepTalk: ‘We Succeed or Fail Together’

In emergency preparedness, we need to integrate people with access and functional needs within each phase of planning.

Why Does the President Need the Ability to Alert All Americans in an Emergency?

FEMA postponed the test of its WEA “Presidential Alert” function, but why does the president need this capability at all?

National Biosurveillance Integration Center – Cancel the Program or Call For an Overhaul?

By James M Wilson and Kimothy L. Smith
Concerns are growing over word that NBIC is being considered for programmatic cancellation by DHS’ newly formed Combatting Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate.

After Hurricanes, Building Business Resilience Through Preparedness

Recovery efforts continue after hurricanes battered parts of the United States, and some businesses are struggling to return to normal operations. The value of preparedness affects day-to-day business operations, and we need to advocate the notion of being prepared.

Five Questions for FEMA in Harvey, Irma Disaster Recovery

Texas and Louisiana are receiving $15 billion to help with recovery after Hurricane Harvey, and the aftermath of Hurricane Irma may require further federal money. Whenever amounts of money of this size are allocated or disbursed, accountability is fundamental. Here are five questions FEMA, state and local leaders, and others should be asking.