For several years, Security Debrief contributors have joined Francis Rose on Federal News Radio to discuss security issues and the role of the Federal government. For the homeland and national security crowd, In Depth with Francis Rose offers insightful and informative discussions. Increasingly, however, a growing audience of listeners outside the Beltway is taking note of In Depth and its expert guests. Recently, the news and talk radio magazine TALKERS added Francis Rose to its annual list of the top 250 talk show hosts in America. It’s a prestigious list, and for Francis, a well-deserved honor.

This recognition is particularly important because hosts who cover a niche as focused as the Federal government are rarely counted among the who’s who of talk radio, the nationally syndicated and network hosts.

Informed debate is critical in a democracy, and shows like In Depth, and news and analysis blogs like Security Debrief, are important platforms and resources for the national discussion. Check out In Depth on weekday afternoons from 3pm to 7 pm on Federal News Radio 1500 AM. Past shows are available online, including discussions with several Security Debrief contributors. Congratulations to Francis and his team for this distinction.