The public debate is raging over whether Predator Unmanned Aerial Vehciles (UAVs) are the right tool for monitoring the U.S. border. DHS Inspector General John Roth spoke to CNN’s Drew Griffin about his office’s recent report that criticized the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) UAV program becuase of the high cost of using these UAVs ($12,255/hr), as well as their questionable effectiveness in patrolling the border. The CBP Office of Air and Marine, which runs the $360 million UAV program, disagrees and has been pushing back. Roth seems to be pushing harder. When something as niche as border surveillance technology makes mainstream cable news, the writing is on the wall. Nothing in DC is certain, but it would seem we are entering the final stretch in the UAV border security saga.

Check out the CNN interview on the IG website.