Debate Over Common Sense Oversight for DHS

On Wednesday, The Heritage Foundation hosted Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Alabama) and a panel of commentators to discuss the chaos in Congress’ oversight of the Department of Homeland Security. Congressman Rogers, who is the ranking member on the Management, Investigations and Oversight subcommittee of the House Homeland Security Committee, did an outstanding job of setting out the foundation for why the current system of oversight is broken and why that creates unnecessary vulnerabilities. The panel discussion involved some interesting questions about the partisan nature of the problem, as well as the Department’s push-back to Congress’ neverending demands.

Debating the DHS Transition

There is a broad debate taking place among think tanks, journalists, and policymakers about the future of DHS and the next administration’s approach to homeland security. I have seen and heard some thoughtful, informed discussions about the best ideas for homeland security. I am also hearing some ill-informed and downright silly comments from people who should know better.