Justin Hienz

Justin Hienz is Editor for Security Debrief. He blogs primarily on radicalization, aviation security, religious and Middle Eastern affairs, and communications.

He is the owner of Cogent Writing, LLC, a strategic communications company. Cogent works with public and private sector clients across myriad subject areas, many of them relating to counterterrorism and homeland security.

Previously, Hienz worked with the Homeland Security Strategic Communications practice of a DC public relations firm. Before that, he was the editor and technical writer for a security consulting firm in the Middle East, providing risk mitigation and security vulnerability assessments to domestic and international clients.

Hienz’s self-authored and ghostwritten work has appeared in numerous mainstream, trade and academic publications. He is a subject matter expert on religious extremism with the University of Southern California Safe Communities Institute. Hienz holds Master of Arts degrees in journalism and religious studies from the University of Missouri.

The Fallacy of Flexibility – Why Trump Picked Wolf for DHS Secretary

Chad Wolf was tapped to lead the Department, even though the administration doesn’t want him.

Correcting Assumptions in Counterterrorism – Cedar-Riverside and Minnesota’s Somali-Americans

If you’re studying extremism among Somali-Americans in Minnesota, you may head straight for Cedar-Riverside—and you’d be wrong to do so. Here’s why.

The Irony of Trump’s Side in the Shutdown – It’s Harming Homeland Security

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School safety is homeland security.

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FEMA postponed the test of its WEA “Presidential Alert” function, but why does the president need this capability at all?

On Child Separation Policy, Enough Doublespeak, Madam Secretary

Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen cannot with integrity simultaneously lead a department to protect the nation while also burying child suffering in semantics and blame-shifting.

Homeland Security Strategic Communications Done Right

The Department of Homeland Security is not known for its effective strategic communications, but every so often, the Department gets it right.

On 9/11, Master the Fear of Terrorism

Fifteen years ago this Sunday, al Qaeda attacked, and over time, the commemoration of 9/11 has morphed into a superficial media bonanza and a catalyst for fear of terrorism. This is not what we need to inspire among the population.