April Fools 2021 – The Low-Fi Edition

Security Debrief is back with an April 1 review of stories the rest of the media somehow missed.

Maryland COVID Crisis Challenges State’s Resilience

Facing rising COVID infections, Maryland is focusing on local solutions to an urgent crisis.

Seeming Discrepancies in Voter Data Fuel for Disinformation

By Gary Warner
Conspiracy theorists are claiming to have proof that 2020 votes were changed from Trump to Biden while other votes were discarded. The data being considered is fueling disinformation and must be clarified.

A Story of September 11, 2001

Nearly 20 years later, the memories of the 9/11 attacks remain vivid.

USCIS Still Needs to Improve Application Processing Times

Processing times for many applications are exceedingly long at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and there needs to be a way to shorten them.

TSA Still Needs Work on Courtesy Complaints – Even During the Pandemic

The virus is spreading, and air travel is down. Yet, TSA is continues to receive courtesy complaints from the traveling public.

Questions from CDC for Cruise Ship Public Health Miss Wait Time Factors

Unless federal agencies ask the right questions, they are unlikely to get the answers they need.

Disability Integration 2.0 – A Seat at the Corporate Table

Executives who are serious about addressing disability-related inequities should start by re-evaluating their existing organizational chart and taking an innovative step by creating a new position: Senior Vice President, Disability Integration.

Why Has There Been a Substantial Increase in Privacy Complaints to DHS?

The most recent available DHS data show that privacy complaints over the last year have more than doubled. What is driving this huge increase?

A Letter to the Trump Administration – Establish a Faith-Based Sector of Critical Infrastructure

By Andy Jabbour
Faith-Based Organizations are essential, and now is the time to establish a Faith-Based Sector of critical infrastructure.