Doron Pely

Dr. Doron Pely, an expert on Muslim/Arab conflict management, is the Executive Director of the Sulha Research Center ( He is also an Associate with the Homegrown Violent Extremism (HVE) Studies Program at the University of Southern California (USC) and a Director of Special Projects at TAL Global Inc., in San Jose, CA. Dr. Pely is the author of Muslim/Arab Mediation and Conflict Resolution: Understanding Sulha (Routledge: London, 2016).

Dr. Pely’s background includes military service as an officer, field police intelligence, international business intelligence management, corporate executive positions, geopolitical consulting, teaching negotiations, de-escalation, cross-cultural conflict resolution, and the authorship of fiction and non-fiction works. Dr. Pely holds a PhD in Middle East Studies from King’s College, London, and an MA in Dispute Resolution, with exceptional excellence, from UMASS Boston.

He lectures (USC, Tufts University, US Military Academy West Point, Hampshire College, UMASS Boston, Kennesaw State University, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv University) and teaches at community mediation groups and mixed-community municipalities in Israel.

No Solution to Muslim HVE Without Muslim Communities

A recurring problem with attempts to address Muslim homegrown violent extremism is that tactics and programs too often occur without input or participation from Muslim communities.

Trump’s ‘Disruptive’ Approach to Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations

The President’s claimed “businessman’s results-oriented approach” is not likely to count for much in working towards a Palestinian-Israeli peace agreement.

A Question for UN Ambassador Haley on Israel-Palestine Negotiations

U.S. UN Ambassador Nikki Haley recently told the Palestinian Authority UN Representative that previous UN conversations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel have caused defensiveness, but her comments are likely to cause more of the same.

Forget About Direct Negotiations Between Israelis and Palestinians

President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu are ignoring three realities of dispute resolution practices.

The Coming Wave of Returning ISIS Fighters

The time to prepare for threat from returning foreign fighters is now, before ISIS is defeated in Syria and Iraq.

Trump’s Travel Ban – How Not to Negotiate with Muslims

The Trump administration President Trump needs to consider and understand the essential elements of Muslim and Arab conflict management practices.

Imagine Leaders, Not Just Politicians

At the funeral of former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres, there were missed opportunities for statesmen to genuinely advance peace in the Levant.

Direct Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations Don’t Stand a Chance

Einstein said the definition of insanity is repeating the same action repeatedly while expecting a different result. The latest Israeli demand for direct negotiations with Palestinian counterparts has been tried before and should it materialize again, it will most likely fail. This owes to misaligned approach to conflict resolution.

A Case for Empathy in Counterterrorism

A lot has been written about empathy as the cornerstone of emotional intelligence. It turns out that empathy can be a fantastically powerful tool in understanding complex issues and in making crucial decisions in a variety of situations—including in the fight against terrorists.