In a recent Homeland Security Department news release, the White House will ask for $12.1 billion for fiscal year 2009 to tighten security on the Mexican border. The President’s proposed budget will include $3 billion for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency to investigate immigrants and to expand its detention facilities by 1,000 beds. In addition, law enforcement operations will be given $1.2 billion of that money, while the custody operations would get $1.2 billion. The President will also request around $442.4 million to hire, train, and equip 2,200 new Border Patrol agents, boosting the total numbers to 30,000. The FY 2009 proposal budget focuses and supports a full range of law enforcement operations to combat illegal immigrants, drugs and weapons along the border with Mexico.

This drastic increase is a sigh of relief for those who are against a comprehensive immigration bill that supports amnesty. In other words, a “do nothing” bill, with a track record of a flawed and unworkable policy that maintains the status quo.

Serious immigration reform is on its way, as already seen in FY 2009 proposal budget, with complete focus on increasing law enforcement and operations. The only thing sensible is opting for a new strategy instead of reviving a failed one.

Our suggested goals for this strategy include:

• Enforce the laws that already exists in the books
• Gain back control of the southern border
• Emphasize legal immigration
• Create flexible legal opportunities to work in the United States

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