Quadrennial Roles and Missions Review Report

QRM Report Overview

Section II of this report describes a framework developed by the Department for assessing potential future roles and missions changes. This framework, which integrates traditional missions with new and emerging military activities, is the first of its kind developed during a defense review. Section III defines the Department’s Core Mission Areas and Core Competencies, as required by section 941 of the 2008 National Defense Authorization Act. Section IV summarizes the Department’s insights and initiatives for four specific roles and missions focus areas: Irregular Warfare; Cyberspace; Intratheater Airlift; and Unmanned Air Systems / Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance. Section V addresses the need for increased emphasis on effective interagency operations to address complex national security challenges.

During the QRM, the cohesive efforts of our civilian and military leaders and their desire to address security challenges from a Departmental perspective provided a solid foundation for continued cooperation in these and other roles and missions issue areas. While this report captures 2009 QRM results, they should not be viewed as the final solution for roles and missions challenges the Department and its partners face in today’s dynamic security environment. Continued progress will depend on the capacity of the Department and its partners to take advantage of real-word lessons