At “Blogger Roundtable” To Launch Homeland Security “Dialogue”, DHS Policy Head Heyman Asks For “Shareholders” Input As Part Of “Shared Responsibility” To Help Protect The Nation

To kick off the launch of the “National Dialogue On The Quadrennial Homeland Security Review,” the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) held a “Blogger Roundtable” yesterday at the agency’s headquarters featuring Assistant Secretary For Policy David Heyman.

DHS is conducting the first-ever “Quadrennial Homeland Security Review (QHSR),” a Congressionally-mandated strategic review which aims to help guide the Department and the nation’s homeland security for the next four years. It is due to the Congress on December 31, 2009. The “Dialogue”, being conducted in conjunction with the National Academy of Public Administration, is a web-based interactive project “designed to allow a broad range of opinions and ideas to inform the work of the QHSR study groups and strengthen the Department’s relationship with its vast array of partners and stakeholders.”

It is the first deliverable on the promise made by Secretary Janet Napolitano last week in New York City to begin “engaging and empowering our citizens” in the country’s homeland security effort.

At the “Blogger Roundtable,” Heyman said it was important to have the discussion on the QHSR go beyond just the government, something the online Dialogue offers in a logistical and cost effective way. He said the Department hopes to hear from interested parties throughout the homeland security community, including the general public.