Federal News Radio 1500 AM: DorobekInsider: 9/11 remembrances… and 9/11 hopes

I mentioned earlier that I recently re-read parts of the 9/11 Commission’s final report — it is still a remarkable read. If you either haven’t done it or haven’t done it recently, it is worth the time and will remind you about theimportance of working toward ways to share information effectively.
The Newseums 9/11 exhibit

The Newseum’s 9/11 exhibit

Reading the report, one can’t help but remember where they were. I was Federal Computer Week’s Defense Department reporter. I was making my way to Capitol Hill to cover what I expected to be a contentious House hearing on the Defense Travel System. The first plane had already hit the World Trade Center in New York — and from theMetroRail station, I had called my parents in California, where it was still quite early, to tell them about it.

While I was in the Metro, the second plane struck in New York. And when I arrived at Capitol Hill, I believe that I heard the plane crash into the Pentagon. Of course, I had no idea what the sound was at the time. I was listening toDC’s WTOP radio where there were reports of all kinds of incidents. Oddly, I continued to make my way to the Rayburn House Office Building — I guess I was going to go to the hearing? By that time, they were evacuating Capitol Hill.