E-Xpand E-Verify – The Washington Times

Uncle Sam’s history of safeguarding private data is riddled with failures, and the federal track record on handling business regulation without a job-killing burden is worse. That’s why the government should have only private data and regulatory powers that are vital to the core functions of government.

The illegal-immigration-busting E-Verify program focuses on exactly that – enforcing the security of our borders by denying work to those who don’t belong here. The fact that the feds do it fairly efficiently is a bonus.

Congress must reauthorize the program before it expires at the end of the month, but the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other business interests are pushing to soften expanded requirements for federal contractors to use the system.

Though not perfect, E-Verify has improved steadily and is as simple as law enforcement efforts get. Employers type employee tax-form information into a free Web-based system, where it is compared with Social Security and Department of Homeland Security databases. Noncitizens without authorization to work here get flagged.