NYC Gets $20 Mil For Nuke Detectors – NY Daily News

Call it half a win for New York’s dirty bomb detection system.

Congress decided today to give the city $20 million to keep building a network of radiation detectors aimed at stopping a terrorist from sneaking a nuclear or radioactive device into Manhattan.

That’s only half what New York’s representatives in the House wanted, and $10 million less than the program is getting in this year’s budget. But it does maintain a cash flow for an effort homeland security officials regarded as temporary, and wanted to cut.

Long Island GOP Rep. Pete King, who sponsored the measure for the anti-nuke money, ripped the compromise as scrimping on the city’s security.

“If New York gets only $20 million this is a clear setback, since just a few months ago the House passed the King amendment with $40 million,” King said, adding that the insult is aggravated because New York will only get two-thirds of the current year’s $30 million budget.