NPR Shouldn’t Have Fired Juan Williams, But Its CEO Instead – Chris Battle (

Taken out of context, Williams did say something rather perplexing. He said that when he sees somebody getting on the same plane with him who’s wearing Muslim dress, he gets nervous. The implication being that if you wear a veil you are a likely terrorist? I drink Guinness. Does that make me a member of the IRA? If he boards a plane with a Latino, does he assume the guy’s a narcotrafficker? My 2-year-old plays around with explosives in our basement. Does that make her dangerous? Or me a bad parent?

Well, some self-righteous people might think so. The bit about me being a bad parent, anyway.

If, however, journalists are going to maintain intellectual integrity, something Schiller claims to hold in her hands like an angry god, then they must objectively acknowledge–whether they like it or not–that there are indeed Americans still traumatized by the murder of some 3,000 Americans by Islamic extremists who crashed airplanes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

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