I recently joined the board of directors for The Constitution Project, a think tank that provides scholarship and bipartisan policy recommendations on constitutional issues in the criminal justice and rule of law arenas.

The Constitution Project is one of the best things happening in Washington. It brings together people from diverse viewpoints to share ideas and find common solutions. Joining the project’s distinguished thinkers and public servants is an honor.

The Constitution Project works on a range of issues. The Task Force on Detainee Treatment, of which I am a member, is working to provide a comprehensive understanding of the U.S. government’s past and current treatment of detainees, such as at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. I’m also pleased to be serving on the project’s Liberty and Security, Death Penalty, and Immigration Committees.

Maintaining an effective criminal justice system and upholding the Constitution requires a collective effort from throughout the public and private sectors. To be sure, our government leaders strive to overcome these unending challenges. The Constitution Project’s important work supports this effort.