By Frank J. Cilluffo, Sharon L. Cardash and Bert B. Tussing

Today, we released an issue brief on Mexico and the triple challenge of crime, terrorist tactics, and narco-insurgency. The issue brief is released in conjunction with a Homeland Security Policy Institute/U.S. Army War College event, “The Hybrid Threat: Crime, Terrorism and Insurgency in Mexico” to be held today at 2pm. A live webcast will be available during the event.

Reviewing the extent of the triple threat and efforts to respond to it, both individually and jointly on the part of the Government of Mexico and the United States Government, we write: “The question remains…whether strategy and doctrine in Mexico, in the United States, and in the region can and will keep pace with the triple threat…that is at once adaptive, lethal, and determined.”

Noting the “complex multidimensional” nature of the challenge, and acknowledging that “facts on the ground will continue to mutate,” we conclude: “In addition to…careful, patient work that supports operations, we must also do the hard strategic thinking to further develop a comprehensive (multi-dimensional, multi-instrument) plan to work with Mexico to help create and reinforce the institutional and social foundations and developments needed to achieve strategic success in the long run. This undertaking will be especially challenging at a time of domestic and international economic turbulence and restraint. Granted, policy without resources is rhetoric—but we must also try to work smarter and better. “

Read the Issue Brief.