Immigration Law a Violation of Trust- The Crimson White by Tray Smith 12/1/2011

Since Nov. 16, the state has received extensive publicity after the Tuscaloosa police arrested a 46-year-old German Mercedes-Benz executive visiting Alabama on business. The cause? The man’s rental car didn’t have a license plate, and he did not have the proper documentation required by Alabama’s new illegal immigration law.

“If it were not for the immigration law, a person without a license in their possession wouldn’t be arrested like this,” Tuscaloosa Police Chief Steven Anderson told the Associated Press. Like other states, before the immigration law passed Alabama simply issued a court summons and a ticket to individuals found driving without a license.

But now that we have adopted the toughest law against illegal immigration in the country, arrests like this one are sure to become more common.

This isn’t the fault of the police. They are just doing their jobs and enforcing the law. This is the fault of the lawmakers who drafted, passed, and signed this bill, imposing a massive new burden on state workers, business owners, visitors and immigrants.