The United States faces a range of terrorist threats. ISIS is dominating the headlines and groups like al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and al Shabaab continue to draw concern. These foreign terrorist organizations pose a grave threat to U.S. security, but even as we are looking outside American borders, we must not forget the persistent threat from homegrown violent extremism.

Following on the findings in his definitive book on the subject, Homegrown Violent Extremism, Security Debrief contributor Dr. Erroll Southers recently delivered a TedX Talk on the different kinds of homegrown threats and how community resilience and collaboration can diminish the potential for someone to cross the line from harboring a radical ideology into violent action motivated by those beliefs. This includes not just the extremist ideology of Muslim-identity homegrown extremists but also myriad ideologies based on race, religion or a given issue (such as the anti-government Sovereign Citizen movement).

Check some of the highlights from Southers’ talk. It is well-worth watching.