New Data on TSA’s Seizure of Concealed Firearms, 2015-2018

Last week, TSA reported a record-setting 4,239 firearm seizures in 2018. With all of TSA’s marketing, it is amazing this number of concealed weapons is still being found. Data tells a story, but is this the whole story?

Correcting Assumptions in Counterterrorism – Cedar-Riverside and Minnesota’s Somali-Americans

If you’re studying extremism among Somali-Americans in Minnesota, you may head straight for Cedar-Riverside—and you’d be wrong to do so. Here’s why.

Cautious Optimism on the FAA Drone ANPRM

2018 was a banner year for global experimentation in countering rogue drones, and new FAA proposed rules look to address the threats and risks from future drone systems.

The Irony of Trump’s Side in the Shutdown – It’s Harming Homeland Security

The President is refusing to agree to funding legislation without Wall money on the pretext of national security. Apparently he misses the importance of risk-based decision making.

Coast Guard Polar Mission or Border Wall?

The U.S. Coast Guard is down to just two icebreakers, and climate change means they’re going to need many more.

Ignoring Right-Wing Extremist Violence Comes at a Price

Those monitoring violent extremism scratch their heads at the way the Trump Administration has downplayed right-wing extremist violence as a terrorist threat.

Proposed Rule on Immigration Inadmissibility Uses Faulty Economic Analysis

DHS is proposing a costly new rule, “Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds,” that relies on questionable economic analysis.

DHS Secretary Remarks on Security Challenges and the Road Ahead

On October 9, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen spoke before the Association of the United States Army (AUSA), offering an overview of the Department, the threats faced and the road ahead.

The Start of a Movement in School Violence Prevention

School safety is homeland security.

S&T Develops Terrorism Prevention Research Findings Dashboard

DHS S&T released a free, publicly accessible research findings dashboard hosting more than 1,500 catalogued terrorism prevention and countering violent extremism research documents.