As an avid supporter and lover of train travel and having spent most of my career securing and protecting the nation’s assets, I was very pleased with the Amtrak announcement of some increased level of security screening procedures. Based on the materials I have read, I do not expect these new measures to slow the process of boarding the trains. This – coupled with the announcement from the Transportation Security Administration that it expects to continue sporadic deployments to stations around the country – should be a solid deterrent to those who may try a new way to cause our great Nation harm.

If nothing else, it is certainly worth a trial to see if these new security measures negatively impacts train travel. Like many travelers, I enjoy the ease and freedom of train travel and so I recognize trying to achieve the balance of security with openness is a big challenge. Let us all hope that they achieve that balance. I will be on the train again next week, so all the best to Amtrak and TSA.