Colorado to Test New Immigration Rules- The Denver Channel by Lance Hernandez and Deb Stanley 12/8

The Department of Homeland Security’s new deportation policy is being tested in Denver.


For the next six weeks, prosecutors will review all 7,800 cases in Denver Immigration Court, to determine which immigrants pose a threat or security risk and which ones do not.


“It’s all about resources,” said Julie Gonzales, director of organizing for the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition. “Do we blanket deport them all, or focus on those who are a threat to the community?”

  • Anonymous

    Lamar Smith’s (R-TX)
    also a zero-tolerance bill, that if past can outlaw illegal aliens from the
    workplace. Businesses that are violation of the law will be audited and the
    owners harshly fined and even sent to prison. It is better recognized by
    hundreds of thousands of candid companies that E-Verify will red flag illegal
    aliens, opening payroll jobs for lawful residents and the citizenry. 
    E-Verify is a progressive disincentive that is being continuously upgraded by
    the Homeland Security and ICE.  Just like H.R.140, titled the Birthright
    Citizenship Act, E-Verify ‘THE LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT’, H.R. 2885, is a innovation to stop this travesty of our immigration laws?

    Today with the failure of the numerous administrations to construct the real
    2006 Secure fence, consisting of two fences with a wide expanse in between for
    the movement of rapid interdiction of Drug, weapons and the massive influx of
    illegal migrants. What is already been built is still incomplete and droves of
    illegal aliens cross, including terrorist who are impersonating Mexican
    individuals. Neither the 1986 Immigration nor its 1974 version of these laws
    after enactment were enforced. The 1986 Immigration reform and Control Act was
    rife with fraud, and both laws have been neglected and abused. One huge lie
    played on the US taxpayer by politicians, who sold their souls to the huge
    abhorrent special interest lobbyists and open border radical entities.

    Currently it needs serious action by all patriotic Americans. This can be done by the voter contacting
    Washington 202-224-3121 and giving your name, address to the political aid and
    insisting your representative in the Senate-House uphold the law and co-sponsor
    both laws. More and more legislators are moving to co-sponsor both laws, to
    begin enforcement by Attrition, or self deportation, as jobs being
    commandeered by illegal aliens are returned to the
    rightful American workers.  The website of NumbersUSA can be Google’d,
    where you can send free faxes and read in detail about the corruption at the
    highest levels of federal and state government.



    Right now, a bunch of polling firms and news media have used
    this as a chance to do polls that manipulate questions in a way to seem to show
    that most Americans want most illegal aliens to stay, showing that pro-amnesty
    doesn’t hurt a candidate and causing rumblings through Congress that maybe it does
    make sense to reconsider amnesty over the next couple of years, after all. The
    pollsters are doing this with the Big Trick of never offering voters an option
    of Attrition through Enforcement (forcing them to choose either mass
    deportations or mass legalization).

    In short, Mr. Gingrich has revived the whole national debate on amnesty which
    had been essentially dead after you/we defeated the DREAM amnesty last
    December. Any chance for amnesty votes was essentially dead until Gingrich
    revived the idea. Whatever you may think of presidential candidate Newt
    Gingrich or his recently announced legalization plan, the fact that he has
    broken the 4-year Republican taboo against amnesty has unleashed pro-amnesty
    efforts everywhere. Any mass amnesty will ignite CHAIN MIGRATION that will be
    more billions of dollars, taken from your taxes. Gingrich amnesty calculated by
    ‘The Heritage Foundation’ could cost us $2.3 Trillion dollars, that is not
    including CHAIN MIGRATION of following family members and further attracting
    even million more to these shores or through borders—adding even more—POVERTY–
    to American low income bread lines we have now. This is Dire Poverty unseen
    since the Great Depression of 1929? This country is broke, from corruption,
    attributed to both political parties and we are facing a upward spike in the 15
    Trillion dollars we have already.


    The pollsters have a single “Big deception” that
    skews all the results:

    The polls don’t give voters the option of Attrition through

    Instead, they make voters basically choose between mass
    deportations or mass legalization.  In the case of a National Journal poll
    just released, voters were given a third choice of half-mass deportations and
    half-mass legalizations (which is essentially the Gingrich Amnesty).

    But nowhere do voters hear that there
    is an “ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT” such as the E-Verify option that doesn’t
    involve mass deportations or mass legalization.  What Attrition does do

    Quickly (over a couple of years) moves illegal aliens
    out of their payroll jobs.Quickly takes away taxpayer-provided benefitsGradually over perhaps 10 year period, will cause
    illegal aliens to go home. The Tens of Millions of TEA PARTY members should not
    fall for this clever ruse.



    Attn: Keep an eye on Democrats as they
    are intentionally pushing non-citizens to vote in all coming register and
    immediately vote, using groups like the fraudulent canvassing of the ACORN
    group, that’s reappeared under another name. Additionally the Left is
    introducing legislation, so you don’t even need a picture ID; this to me is as
    close to fraud as you can get? Already
    there has been instances of Voter Fraud, including an Indiana forged signatures
    registration for Obama before he became president, that is being investigated


    In conclusion, insist that Obama and
    his cronies expedite the ‘Keystone’ pipeline, as it will bring cheap oil into
    America and less need of petroleum from unfriendly countries. Its installation
    from Canada to Texas will require the hiring of 20.000 US Workers. Unless the
    present administration gets its finger out, our Northern neighbor will quite
    possibly sell this commodity to Communist China. Use the phone number above and
    tell the Democrats in Washington to do something for Americans.