DHS S&T Press Release: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) just released a free and publicly accessible research findings dashboard that hosts more than 1,500 catalogued terrorism prevention and countering violent extremism research documents. This dashboard is an agile, multi‑disciplinary knowledge‑based capability that helps to systematically develop a landscape of the existing research in this topic area across multiple disciplines, including social and behavioral science.

“The information available in the dashboard will be particularly useful for our state and local stakeholders working on local terrorism prevention initiatives,” said S&T Program Manager Kathleen Deloughery. “It streamlines access to peer‑reviewed and methodologically sound research, so government partners, academics and interested members of the public can develop a sound evidence base in the field of terrorism prevention for what works, what doesn’t and why.” The dashboard offers a wealth of scientifically validated research on topics such as: Diversion, Mitigation, Resilience, Program evaluations, Transferable programs and International programs.

The research findings dashboard is hosted on Mendeley – a free and publicly accessible web‑based and desktop application that allows researchers to manage, share and discover content and authors. Instructions for how to access the dashboard can be found on S&T’s website. Once downloaded, users can customize their unique library with articles, folders, and tags. Articles in the dashboard are searchable by title, author, abstract, keywords and themes. They may also be coded under multiple topics. For example, an article about a diversion program in the United Kingdom would be coded under diversion programs and international programs.

Additional information and research pertaining to Terrorism Prevention can be found on S&T’s website.